Monday, June 6, 2011


Many are probably wondering about my selection of the word "paideia" for the name of my blog.  Paideia derives from the Greek word meaning "to educate".  In ancient Greece this meant a system of classical instruction in which the goal was developing a well rounded student.  It included a variety of subjects to develop the body and mind.  For this reason, I think we should look at the education of the child in this same fashion.  The overall goal of education should be creating well rounded students and future citizens.

In graduate school many years ago I had to write about my paideia.  My paideia focused on global awareness and knowledge.  Students would be required to learn about world history, geography, literature, philosophy, citizenship, music and art in addition to math and science.  They would also become multilingual and learn strong reasoning skills.  This was, of course, in many ways just a dream...... a dream I still have.

Today I would modify my paideia to include learning about building a strong body and mind through exercise, meditation and nutrition.

What is your paideia?

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